November 10, 2018
Up to $20 of every ticket sold will go back to the diocese and you will also be entered into a CBJ raffle!
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Total Raised: $450.00
Autographed Puck
Minimum Required to Achieve
20 more required! Keep Sharing!
Your group earns an autographed hockey puck when you cross 50 tickets sold.
Autographed Hockey Stick
Minimum Required to Achieve
70 more required! Keep Sharing!
If your group exceeds 50 tickets, one of you will win an autographed CBJ hockey stick!
Custom Blue Jackets Jersey
Minimum Required to Achieve
120 more required! Keep Sharing!
Receive a Blue Jackets jersey of your choice once your group surpasses 150 tickets sold.
adam cox
Section 118, Row FF, Seats 3 to 4
David Kilanowski
Section 101, Row GG, Seats 4 to 6
janet burns
Section 120, Row EE, Seats 8 to 9
janet burns
Section 120, Row FF, Seats 9 to 10
Marty Raines
Section 117, Row GG, Seats 4 to 6
suzanne glenn
Section 119, Row DD, Seats 5 to 7
Upper Level Shoot Twice:
James Cruz
Section 207, Row M, Seats 16 to 17
john Wilson
Section 202, Row N, Seats 7 to 8
mike avondolio
Section 202, Row P, Seats 13 to 16
Patricia Thompson
Section 202, Row P, Seats 4 to 6
Steve Gruber
Section 214, Row D, Seat 3
vicky duffy
Section 210, Row N, Seats 17 to 19