Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Florida Panthers
November 15, 2018 at 7:00pm
Participants of the 12th Annual OCALICON Conference qualify for special discounted ticket pricing. All in attendance will be entered in to win the Light Blue CBJ Practice Jersey pictured below!
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Doors open at 6:00pm

Photo Finish - Please meet at the McConnell Entrance, with Five (5) Minutes Remaining in the 3rd period to meet Mark. Take the stairs behind section 118 to get there. Mark will escort the entire group to ice-level for your photo.

If you are the CBJ Jersey winner, you will be contacted the night of the game, and your jersey will be delivered to your seat.

Please contact Mark with any questions at (614) 246-3280 or
Photo Finish
Minimum Required to Achieve
Finish your night with a group photo on the ice at Nationwide Arena! The Blue Jackets team photographer will capture all your smiles after the big game.

Details about this experience will be included in your email confirmation. 
Upper Level Shoot Twice:
Amy Trautwein
Section 214, Row J, Seats 6 to 8
Charlene Fabian
Section 208, Row H, Seats 1 to 3
devon schneider
Section 206, Row F, Seats 1 to 2
Elaine Balum
Section 214, Row H, Seats 5 to 6
Haley Webb
Section 213, Row H, Seats 15 to 17
Ivars Krumins
Section 214, Row F, Seat 10
james williams
Section 209, Row D, Seat 7
jason call
Section 214, Row D, Seat 3
kathy brand
Section 214, Row E, Seats 16 to 17
Krista Dickens
Section 214, Row J, Seats 3 to 5
Kyle Closen
Section 213, Row D, Seats 1 to 2
Lara Limbert
Section 209, Row D, Seats 3 to 4
Megan Trowbridge
Section 214, Row J, Seats 9 to 12
Nikki Wright
Section 213, Row G, Seats 1 to 2
Scott Michaelis
Section 208, Row D, Seats 1 to 2
Shannon Briskey
Section 210, Row F, Seats 5 to 10
Stephanie Norris
Section 208, Row C, Seats 1 to 2
Tanya Rios
Section 214, Row G, Seats 3 to 4
Tara Maltby
Section 214, Row L, Seats 21 to 24
teri berkgren
Section 209, Row L, Seats 19 to 24
Lower Level End - Shoot Once:
Calista Altenburger
Section 121, Row G, Seats 3 to 4
Danielle Nader
Section 122, Row P, Seats 1 to 2
Kelly Matheny
Section 120, Row P, Seats 17 to 18
Rachel Engle
Section 120, Row K, Seats 3 to 4
Robiyn Mims
Section 118, Row Q, Seat 15
Terry Hogan
Section 118, Row K, Seats 7 to 8