CBJ VS BOSTON BRUINS - Realtor Appreciation Offer
April 2, 2019 at 7:00pm
Realtor Appreciation promotion includes savings on tickets AND $10 food/beverage credit loaded onto each ticket!
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Food & Beverage Credit:
Loaded onto each ticket's bar code and functions like a gift card (scan the bar code at any Nationwide Arena Concession). Cannot be redeemed for merchandise.

If you experience any issues redeeming your $10 credit, please visit Guest Services located outside Section 111.

Lower Bowl:
Brittany Steinfels
Section 120, Row Q, Seats 15 to 18
Joseph Jackson
Section 119, Row P, Seats 7 to 8
Kami Berkey
Section 117, Row L, Seats 11 to 12
Mary Ann Potter
Section 117, Row G, Seats 13 to 14
Natalie Batchelor
Section 112, Row N, Seats 13 to 14
Rick Lindenmuth
Section 117, Row G, Seats 15 to 16
Sarah Lynn
Section 106, Row Q, Seats 12 to 13
Upper Bowl:
Amy Vidrick
Section 219, Row A, Seats 7 to 8
Courtney Kidd
Section 205, Row B, Seats 9 to 11